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David Cairns
22nd August 2014 18:30
Well Well bet you guys don't remember me. I used to go all over with you despite being 14-15. Remember we visited I believe Joe O'Donnell (East of Eden) on night in London. I can also remember meeting Bob Harris and Wakeman. Just been listening to the first album and decided to check out the net. Another memory was at the FForde Green in Harehills, gone now of course. If you do remember please get in touch. Although I never really attended school much. I have since become a teacher. David C
Helge Petersen
22nd July 2014 03:18
Hi Wally's and friends of Pete. Pete is for two years, very successfully with the band Santiano on tour. With many nominations and awards. And an end of success is not in sight. Contacts to Him will therefore be extremely difficult. News you will get from Stuart Rhodes, Roy Webber here on this Homepage. Or on http://www.universal-music.de/santiano/home or on the band's website http://www.santiano-music.de/. Also visited Santiano on Facebook. With best musical greetings from Pete's neighborhood. From the far north of Germany - Helge
30th April 2014 23:57
Great site. Keep up the good work!! http://uk.vidmeup.com
26th January 2014 11:22
Malcolm Sweet, please email stuart.rhodes@gmail.com and I will pass your details on to Pete Sage. He is currently busy touring with his massive new band Santiano. Check them out on Youtube.
23rd January 2014 10:56
You rock! Keep on playing good music :) By the way if you´re looking for used musical instruments - I found a new cool site for you: www.euromusix.com Cheers Tom
Malcolm Sweet
23rd December 2013 10:45
Hi Pete Sage! I have tried many times to get your email address as you suggested but just cant get anyone to reply, the family are in Germany next year and I was trying to come and see you and maybe catch up. I am still gigging at 63, Mal
11th May 2013 22:55
Hello! I wonder if there are any plans to release the new CD on vinyl? Would be awesome news if so , make a great addition to the first two albums , listening to them now in fact!!
28th April 2013 16:39
Welcome to http://kvarc.60ru.com/ Выполняем строительные работы!
28th April 2013 16:38
Welcome to http://kvarc.60ru.com/ Выполняем строительные работы!
3rd April 2013 11:13
Hi guys just wondered if you had any old pics or recordings og my old pal Ade Cook Ade and i worked together during the 70's at Island studios and we became very close him getting in touch with me after 25 years on hearing me on GLR radio the BBC kindly put us in touch,I spent some good times with him before he sadly passed 2010 and thank you for your kind tributeI still keep in touch with Jane his dear lady and it would be more for her archive as well. Thanks Ally
Ian Ward
31st March 2013 23:07
I saw you play Northampton Teacher Training College around 1974 and really enjoyed the gig. I lost all my vinyl some time ago so I'm glad I've found your website and I can buy your albums again.
22nd August 2012 12:28
Hi folks, well it's been awhile since I wrote to you all. The guys in the band have all been busy especially Paul Middleton who has been out playing regularly and has joined the 21st Century with his own new facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paul-Middletons-Angst-Band/302775789749211 . Fans of Pete Sage will be as thrilled as we are to hear that his German band Santiano have been at number one in the german charts and currently riding high in the swiss charts with their debut album. http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Bis-ans-Ende-der-Welt-Santiano-CD-Feb-2012-Universal-Music-/113240307 Nick Glennie-Smith is working away on new film scores out there in sunny LA. You can check out his film soundtracks on the following link http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322684/ As you know last we signed to the Gonzo label and all of our back catalogue is available through them as well as the www.Wallymusic.co.uk website including the original Atlantic recordings. The Gonzo versions of our albums also have added extra tracks. http://www.gonzomultimedia.co.uk/ SPECIAL OFFER As a one off special offer and a thank you for being a loyal fan all orders through www.wallymusic.co.uk over £20 will receive a free copy of the That Was Then live concert DVD, while stocks last. This offer is only available through our website and our mailing list newsletter. The DVD will automatically be added to your order and will not show on the order form. Thank you and do keep in touch. Wally
9th July 2012 13:50
18th March 2012 03:26
Aw...really hope there will be another chance to catch Wally. I couldn't make it up to Harrogate last year and will be sooo disappointed if there isn't another chance. My friend Christine and I spent one summer following Wally around (the year we left school I think!) I remember catching a little Cornish coastal railway train to see them in Redruth and various other places, Hastings Pier, Zhivago's in Southend, JBs in Dudley, Crystal Palace Garden Party...lots more that but cant remember where. Great guys oh yes I remember them letting us sleep in their van in the carpark at the Southampton Holiday Inn one time as we never had any money for hotel rooms! Great days.. so sorry about Pete Cosker of course. Really hope to catch up if there is another gig.
chris aldridge
3rd March 2012 08:06
just found out that you guys do gigs, anything happening this year, i would walk from London if i had to!
Graham Carson
15th February 2012 21:20
Hi Guys - I havent been to a gig since Floyd at earls court but I WILL be at your next one. So just name the date guys - you know you want to.
chris hendricks
2nd February 2012 08:33
do the guys remeber the blue transit and the Boyes van? Happy days indeed
Mike Tempest
7th January 2012 18:12
Hi Guys. I do hope you play together again in 2012. I need to see you play and I am sure many others are not aware you came back. Amazing! Hopefully, Mike xx
Stuart Rhodes
12th August 2011 14:09
Hi folks, if you didn't know already all of the Wally albums and B sides of singles are now available on iTunes, including the rare Trader / Wally track titled Yes I Would.
mike osey
29th July 2011 21:37
Hi Stuart. - good to meet you on the last night - any sound recordings made would be great if could be shared - the evening was terrific.
13th July 2011 11:18
Mark Rowland
5th July 2011 20:46
Guys, there has to be another gig, please. Saw you many times 73/74/75, from the start (Battle of the Bands) to support with Leo Sayer and Lindisfarne tours. Roy, you might remember 'the twins' attended most live gigs? Both albums cherished and pride of place over last 30 years. Lived in London now for 30 years, but the next gig (whenever and wherever), I'm there. Think The Mean Fiddler in Putney?
26th June 2011 14:51
Well folks, there you go what an amazing night. Thank you to all of you for your support and we hope you had as good a night as we did. As for the future, well never say never. The website will stay active as will the newsletters for info on individual band members. Cheers and thank you again for all your support. Stuart
Trevor Baxter
26th June 2011 11:23
Great concert last night. Once again well worth the trip for south west Scotland. Sorry Paul Middleton wasn't playing but hope he enjoyed Glastonbury. It was pretty clear the band were saying good bye so it looks we won't be seeing them again. I'll miss the annual drive to Harrogate..
24th June 2011 22:03
Hi Mike, looking forward to seeing you there. Soundcheck today was awesome. As for recording, no promises but never say never. I hope you liked last years double live album, To The Urban Man.
14th June 2011 19:56
Hi folks, Wally are now in the rehearsal studios and already sounding darn good. Very few tickets left for this concert, which is sadly going to be the last for the foreseeable future. There will be special offers on merchandise and an aftershow party which you are all invited to.
8th April 2011 20:35
Hi folks, just to let you know that all Wally albums and the Jackson Webber album are now available on iTunes.
14th March 2011 23:26
Just downloaded 'Right by me' and 'The Life You're Living'. How good to hear those again - especially 'Right by me'which I've always wondered whether I would ever hear again. Plea to the band - do perform these in June please. Cheers guys.
Martin Collins
2nd March 2011 12:47
Have stumbled across this site. Devastated to hear of Pete Cosker's untimely death. We worked together at Harrogate Theatre in 1972-74. I vividly recall a couple of the bands gigs at the theatre. We were all so excited for them.Pete was a wonderfully talented gentle dreamer. One of the nicest people imaginable. Such a terrible shame.
Martyn Jones
17th February 2011 21:18
live cd just dropped through my letter box fantastic jus as good as the night
8th February 2011 07:56
The following article recently appeared in a newspaper. http://www.wallymusic.co.uk/index.php?page=press What do you think is our best album and indeed what is your favourite track?
4th February 2011 22:07
A wonderfull surprise to find Wally still making music A fan since the OGWT set still own two albums played out so CD purchase soon,
Andy Clow
23rd January 2011 20:47
Hi. I shared a house with Pete Cosker in the early 80s when he lived with my mother. He gave me his only copy of 'Wally' and I still have it. I loved him (and Wally's sound) to bits; he was a beautiful (if troubled) soul and I miss him. Pleased to hear you're all still doing your thing.
Stuart Rhodes
8th January 2011 15:28
Hi, thanks for that , no we didnt know. We will look into it. Stuart
mike osey
8th January 2011 09:43
I've been a fan since seeing Wally back in 1974/5 at Brockenhurst Collage in the New Forest - did you know that both albums have been re-released in Japan as mini lp cd replicas
Trevor Baxter
3rd January 2011 17:27
Just finished listening to the live CD and loved every minute of it. Pity about the technical problems and the change to the actual concert running order but the music is excellent. Looking forward to this year's concert.
24th December 2010 20:49
Ordered 'To The Urban Man' cd on the 23rd Dec and you delivered it by hand 24th dec,thanks for the excellent service Stuart.Look foreward to hearing it over christmas,Steve.
22nd December 2010 19:05
I will sort that asap & I will iclude the set list too, I would love to know who did write it, I'm sure one of the guys will recognise it.
stuart rhodes
22nd December 2010 09:31
For JANET - Hey Janet we would love to have your ticket etc scanned and on the website as part of our archive. Any chance you could scan them and email them to us? Stuart
Robin Kent
21st December 2010 17:26
Just ordered the new "To the Urban Man" CD and hoping that Royal Mail is getting somewhere in sorting out its deliveries during this snowy period!! Hoping to be at the next gig!!
21st December 2010 13:43
As a fan of Wally from the 70's imagine my delight at recently discovering my ticket from 16.12.75 when they played at The Royal Hall. I had paid the huge sum of £1.25 to see them! Also wrapped in the fully autographed ticket envelope a set list, possibly Pete Cosker's writing, I must have scavenged it from the stage! Needless to say all are now safely tucked away with the tickets from 2009 & 10. Tickets for 2011 already purchased. Thank you Wally.
Stuart Rhodes
21st December 2010 12:58
Hi Folks, Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you all. The eagerly awaited double live album is now avaialable to order in the Wally Store. We hope you enjoy it. Wally
14th December 2010 18:05
Dear Wally, Thank You for your fantastic music, you're one of my favourite! Greetings from Hungary! Lajos
Stuart Rhodes
13th December 2010 17:28
Hhe live album is at the printers so will be here anyday now. As for Hullo Wally we are using our contacts to scour the BBC archives to see if it still exists. Meanwhile tickets are on sale for next Junes concerts, 24th and 25th at Harrogate Theatre www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk tobook.
7th December 2010 23:50
Guys Do we have a proposed release date for the live CD? Will it be out in time for xmas?
5th December 2010 21:41
Does anyone know if there is any video available anywhere of the Feb 1975 'Hullo Wally' TV performance. (see press page) I remember it well and for years had a cassette recorded from the TV. Be great to see it again.
Stuart Rhodes
8th November 2010 09:31
Wally tickets on sale now at Harrogate Theatre box office. www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk
stuart Rhodes
8th November 2010 09:27
Hi, set list is far from being finalised but I expect there to be differences in the set lists plus I am being promised by the band a special new mammoth epic track. Just finished listening to the white label of the new double live album, its awsome.
3rd November 2010 21:22
Do we know whether it will be the same set each night or different?
Stuart Rhodes
3rd November 2010 20:13
Hi folks, tickets for next years concerts go on sale this coming monday the 8th of November. Wally will be playing 2 nights, the 24th and 25th of June 2011. £17.50 per night or £30 for both nights. I hope to see you all there. Harrogate Theatre box office contact: 01423 502710 www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk Cheers, Stuart
Pete Sage
31st October 2010 13:09
Hi Malc, really long time no see. Yes I remember those days in the Ripon YMCA! How are you doing? Best regards, if you want to get in touch directly you can ask Stuart Rhodes for my e-mail address. I´ll try ringing through when I get back from my tour at the end of November. Cheers for now, maybe see you in Harrogate next year?
16th October 2010 14:57
Hi Mat, thanks for that, will be looking and listening. Watch out for news on forthcoming concert dates here soon.
Mat (TheFish)
8th October 2010 05:25
Wally will be featured on New Moon On Monday on www.auralmoon.com. Come to the site and find my thread (middle page) NEw MoonOn Monday week 11 for showtimes. Great work Guys! Love it!
malcolm sweet
3rd October 2010 22:21
Hi Pete,you introduced me to music 1967 at the ripon ymca its stayed all my life and I am still gigging,drop me a line or phone,07836 739489 Mal Sweet
Pete Sage
3rd October 2010 20:10
An answer to Renate´s question. Yup, It´s the same guy! Take care now.
Renate Methöfer
28th September 2010 19:36
Have bought the debut-album some time ago and really like it. Still I have one question. Is Pete Sage, who played in Wally, the same Pete Sage who plays with German singer/songwriter Achim Reichel?
22nd September 2010 18:06
Hello from Japan. Wally, do you remember me? I met you in Tokyo in 1975, when you came to Japan, with French singer Michel Polnareff. That show was great indeed!
Greg Southerden
19th September 2010 17:34
Thanks for the great website, it has brought back some great memories of a brilliant band of musicians. Best of luck, hope you can gig down south sometime!
mick ward
9th September 2010 20:45
This one is for Paul M. - 'mido', is he still? Got an e-mail from an ex-student of mine at Wolves Poly who told me you'd reformed, so I checked out the website and caught you and the Paul Middleton Band. Good to think you're still at it and what's more the music is still excellent. I still have the vinyls from the 70s down in the cellar. And what about Johnny, and Phil?
chris wintle
8th September 2010 00:49
Is there any chance of the last Royal Hall Harrogate gig coming out on cd - I thought I had heard a rumour on the night that this might happen Roll on the 2011 concert All the best guys Chris W
paul langshaw
4th September 2010 17:09
well guys long time no hear I remember the days at Hitchin college in the 70,s on one of Bob harris concert tours so nice to here you are still around, glad to here you can by your albums on cd,Hope you will be able to tour down this area (Herts And Beds in the future will love to come along and lisen to you guys again.
28th July 2010 23:02
Just come across this site. Remember some great concerts in the 1970s unfortunately my vinyls have worn out. Is there a plan for more concerts? I hope so
peter delooze
18th July 2010 22:21
welcome home can,t wait to get new cd
Raul Gero
16th July 2010 02:10
Saw Wally play at Reading Festival 1975..didn't know the band then....it was sometime in the afternoon and when the music started ..what a classy act... those voices....and arrangements... Back in London ...that Monday went to buy the albums... Still have them..and never stopped listening to them....
Gonzalo Faratro
15th July 2010 15:56
Greetings from Venezuela. I've been a huge fan of both albums ever since I got them, back in the 70's. I still play them and get the same feeling as i did back then. What can I say about a new album and a DVD ? HUGE thanks for something I never expected.
Norman Reid
12th July 2010 15:39
I remember seeing The Martyr played on the OGWT and was immediately loving the music. Was recently speaking to someone known to the band who asked me if I'd ever heard of Wally and I amazed her by rhyming off the songs of the two albums. Bought the DVD and it's amazing. Thank you guys.
Dave Walker
6th June 2010 11:10
Was introduced to the band in the early 70s by a lecturer of mine at Wolves Poly, Mick Ward, who was a friend of Paul Middleton & his brother John (from Leeds University days). First saw them play at a pub in Leeds. A combination of the Guinness & Paul Middleton's uniquely spaced out steel guitar made for a memorable evening. Stayed over for a week in Harrogate (I remember a basement rehearsal room in I think Roy Webber's house). Then saw them play a few times over the next year or so in Dudley & Wolverhampton. Still love the albums. Also tremendous logo-a copy of the 1st album cover still graces a wall at home in an art vinyl sleeve.
Toru Ichikawa
30th May 2010 04:50
Dear Sir, It is possible to meet you after an interval of 36 years ! It was 1975. I heard your performances as for Sapporo city in Japan. It came to Japan as Michel Polnareff's backing band. Of course, it went to see live of this because I was your fans before that, and listeners. At that time, I was 15 years old. I am really glad for you to form again. I pray, I want you to come to Japan again and to perform. It thinks sincerely so. Thank you.
Steve Gill
22nd May 2010 17:17
i disagree with the last comment about Montpellier not being representative of Wally.I've been a fan since the early days,and i think it's brought the sound of Wally up to date without losing the spirit of Wally and should win them some new fans.The second reunion concert at the Royal Hall was superb with Wally playing all their songs apart from Valley Gardens which hopefully they will play next year,i also thought the new songs blended in nicely with the older songs that night,you can't please all the people all the time i suppose.
4th May 2010 06:23
Montpellier was no Wally-Album. I listen many many times to find the felling but you can hear delays, reverbs, chorus, bad drum-sounds. What is about the music? Where was the Wally spirit? "What to do"
29th April 2010 23:20
Just seen the Hullo Wally press clipping elsewhere on this site. I remember this programme and used to have a cassette recording (mic to mono recorder - ah, the days of low fi!. Question ---- anyone got access to a recording of this we can get on the site or Youtube?
Peter B
24th April 2010 15:11
Brilliant night !! The band just gets better and better. And kicked off with Sailor! And gave us Green Room Smiles! Awesome Guys! (and Girls!) Next year - can't wait! Peter, Harrogate
stuart rhodes
23rd April 2010 13:27
Hi folks thank you for all the fabulous comments. The concert was recorded and we hope to put out a live album in the coming months.
21st April 2010 20:21
Really enjoyed the gig. Well worth the trip from North Wales. Not sure if this is the right forum but does anyone out there have any live recordings from the 70's they'd share ??
20th April 2010 13:53
If anything it was better than last year, you guys really jelled with each other and it showed. Sailor and Giving just shone and I was looking forward to hearing them so much and they didn't disappoint. So will we be treated to a live album / video from this event? and is there a chance that an audio version of the DVD from last year will be released. Here's in hope and thanks again for a fantastic evening, roll on 2011...
Trevor Baxter
19th April 2010 23:25
Great show on Saturday! Well worth the 7 hour round trip from south west Scotland - and the 36 year wait since the last time I saw Wally at Bradford Uni. The whole thing was a highlight but Giving was amazing - atmospheric and the guest vocal was brilliant. Hats off to the girl who did the Madeleine Bell part of Nez Perce - she really nailed it. What a night, what a band - here's looking forward to next year...
Steve from Pateley Bridge
19th April 2010 22:57
Terrific show on Saturday. First Wally gig for my 12 year old who loved the Montpellier CD. He thought it was "well good"! Sad there were so many gaps in the stalls due to the Ash Cloud. Any future recording plans or did you record the show for a future live album? Looking forward to next year. Any chance of playing Valley Gardens then? Would be a great tribute to Pete & Paul.
19th April 2010 16:57
Like Ollie I never saw Wally live until Saturday. Great show and what a great opener Sailor was with brilliant visuals. Been a fan since seeing them on OGWT now I can say I saw them !! Bought the new CD and enjoyed listening to it. Any chance that 3rd album demos will ever see the light of day ?
19th April 2010 16:40
I’ve waited 35 years to see you guys. Well worth the wait. I just missed seeing you back in the 70’s and missed last year’s gig but managed to see you this year. Tears filled my eyes watching the gig finally to see the band that I have listened to and loved for so many years. You didn’t disappoint. Great gig. I have my friend Pete to thank for showing me the light way back then and buying the albums. I recently bought the first Wally album and Montpellier on Cd and have ordered “Valley Gardens” to be delivered on May 4th. Bought the DVD and “That was then” Cd at the gig. So I’m truly Wallied up. Keep rocking guys and see you next year…..I hope.
18th April 2010 22:14
Just got home after the concert last night. What can I say - just brilliant and my wishes answered with a brilliant version of Green Room Smiles - my personal highlight. When can a recorded version of that song please - next studio CD, live CD best of from last two yeats maybe? Thanks guys. See you next year. (And my 14 year old son's a big new fan too)
Stuart Rhodes
18th April 2010 20:21
Hi folks, I hope you all enjoyed what was truly a fantastic concert. We were really sorry that those of you travelling in from overseas were grounded due to the volcano, who would ever have guessed it. Photographs from the rehearsals, concert and aftershow party will appear on the website shortly. Also the new T Shirt design will be available in the web shop. Stuart x
17th April 2010 15:06
Volcanic Ash I hate you!! Can't make it tonight due to cancelled flights - I'm sure it will be brilliant, will be thinking of you and gnashing my teeth! love Janette
16th April 2010 19:11
So 1 day and 5 minutes to go to the night - wife 37.5 weeks pregnant...will I make it out of London to Harrogate...stay in there son, stay in there.... concert
16th April 2010 00:14
I have only recently discovered Wally via local news and curiousity took me to Facebook, Youtube and finally this website and I'm blown away how good this band was and still is today. Also I really like all the artwork and design - so tell their design co to give me a job please : )
Mike Smith
12th April 2010 21:05
I was the drummer with Wally for about a year, '72/'73. Had a great time with them,helping organise transport,gigs,rehearsals,etc. It was a great experience for us all to get through to the Finals of the Melody Maker Folk/Rock Competition in London, where we first met Bob Harris.I was at the Reunion gig last year,and felt proud to have been part of such a good band.I now hire PAs for a living,and still play drums,regular in 1 band,and depping in 2 others. Have a great time at the April 17 concert!!!!
David Thompson
2nd April 2010 16:06
In Harrogate last weekend and just by chance came across a poster for the April concert and booked tickets immediately. Still a proud owner of the walley and Valley Garden Albums and saw the band play an excellent concert in Huddersfield in '74. Favourite track is The Martyr written by the late Paul Gerrett.Walley on the Saturday and Joan Armatrading on the Sunday - if only every weekend could be like that!!
Phil Ludgate
18th March 2010 14:47
First saw Wally in 1975 at the Marquee, Bob Harris was there and really good size crowd. Lost the vinyly decades ago so was ecstatic to get the "That was then" CD, surpassed my memories which took some doing. Won't make the concert but really hope it goes well!
Tim Ward
15th March 2010 07:36
I have been totally obsessed with Wally since I was 16 years old and heard the first album on Seattles KISW radio album hour. I went to buy it several months later and it was only listed in the record catalog but no one could order it for me. I searched everywhere for the next 13 years in every old record store there was and finally found the first album at a Drive-in swap meet. I just ordered That was then and Montpellier and I cannot wait to hear them both. PLEASE keep on going and breathe life into our music world. You guy's are AWSOME.
Dermot O'Connor
8th March 2010 13:48
Hi Pete et al - finally the dream has come true! Congratulations and continued success. Greetings from Italy - Dermot
Martyn Lobley
6th March 2010 20:38
Any chance of a lyric sheet for the new album here on the website?
Alan Taylor
1st March 2010 21:42
I first saw Wally supporting Leo Sayer in Glasgow in 1974. I saw them 2 months later in Hamilton, Scotland. Then NOTHING until now, 36 years later! Oh my God!! I've just seen the OGWT, Sunday walking lady............Brilliant! All power to ye boys!!
Stuart Rhodes
21st February 2010 20:09
Hi folks, check out Classic Rock website for a review on WALLY
12th February 2010 18:24
Just listened to montpellier for the first time and its great to hear Wally playing so well after 36 years. Stand out tracks on one listen are Sailor, Sister Moon and Giving. Giving especially evokes the original Wally sound and is a beautiful song - the extended ending is sublime with Pete Sage playing some wonderful atmospheric violin. Great care has been taken to capture the essence of Wally from the 70's whilst giving them a sound for the present. This is one I'll be playing over and over. Roll on April 17th.
12th February 2010 17:54
I grew up in Harrogate but left in 1972 just as Wally were getting started so never got to see them live, although had both the albums. Just by chance, I was back in Harrogate last year and happened to notice poster for last years reunion concert! So I went (with my sceptical wife)and it was wonderful. My wife is now a fan and we are really looking forward to April 17th. Also hoping whispering Bob will be there again to do the intros! Great stuff Wally I feel 36 years younger! :-)
Nick Iveson
12th February 2010 13:07
Superb , another classic album - can't wait for the concert 17/4 !! The next generation of Harrogate bands have a lot to live up to , but try My Space , Sincerely Yours - track called Sirens is awesome . Well done boys - a great success !
Fred Feber
12th February 2010 10:18
Just listened to Montpellier and really looking foward to the concert.Please play Nez Perce at the concert please its my favorite track from your past albums.Thanks
stuart rhodes
11th February 2010 09:43
Hi Folks, the first batch of pre-sales Wally Montpellier albums have been mailed out. Please let us know what you think of the new album on here. Looking forward to meeting you all at the concert 17th of April in Harrogate.
10th February 2010 20:36
I was lucky enough to see loads of Wally gigs back in the 70s, great bunch of guys and such talented musicians. I still have my "Wally" and "Valley Gardens" vinyl, unsurprisingly they have never worn out despite plenty of play through the years! Really looking forward to the new album - best of luck to everyone involved x
ash roberts
9th February 2010 03:38
brilliant...had you on vynal..now got you on cd,bought it from the states....pete cosker would be chuffed your carrying on regaurdless..much success WALLY
Malcolm Smart
7th February 2010 14:16
Wow, two Wally fans in Brooklym. Who'd a thunk it! Ruth - let's get a gig the the boys at Southpaw! Me: originally a Brummie, now in Park Slope. Saw them many times.
6th February 2010 11:43
Have looked for this website for years. Obviously not hard enough. I saw the band supporting Leo Sayer in Bristol. Bought the albums, loved them then - love them now. And now there's a new album to look forward to hearing.
29th January 2010 12:58
Ah yes, memories of Wally ably supported by Lynyrd Skynrd (although the publicity had it the other way round)...early 90's finding the Japaneses editions of the Cd in the now defunct Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus (cheap at £25.00 a pop each) and yes, let's be having Green Room Smiles at the up coming concert....
27th January 2010 20:38
Many Harrogate gigs in the early 70's - anyone else remember the one at St. Aidan's school c.1974? 1988 reunion at the royal baths and then great to see last April - youngest son now a convert! Would be great to see a straight unedited CD version of the Valley Gardens album released sometime please. As to songs for this April - as well as the obvious (Martyr, To the Urban Man, it would be good to hear Nez Perce, Green Room Smiles (totally agree with the other post - this was always such a good song) and there was one you guys used to do with a refrain about singing like David Crosby that has always stuck in my mind. Wonderful that you are back and looking forward to the new CD.
peter andrews
27th January 2010 18:56
I first seen wally at york university 75-76 i think.You guys were supported by Squeeze that night.I Had to get my dad to take me because i was only 14 at the time.My dad got converted that night.My dad dave is 70 and is traveling up the A1 from Leicester to see you guys 35 years later at Harrogate.Who would of thought it.
Gary daLuz Vieira
27th January 2010 08:56
Saw the band quite a few times in the old days, and would love to hear my favourite live track this time out - Green Room Smiles. Why was it never released? A wonderful song
23rd January 2010 22:31
I remember hunting high and low thru the CD shops in Tokyo to get the first two albums on CD! And I still have the autographs I picked up in Torquay in 1975! Happy to see that there'll be a third on the way soon - but what took you so long??? Will be there on 17-4-10!!!
jonathan hopkins
12th December 2009 20:19
Got the DVD, good job. A fan from the early day's, where was the cowboy song and the lady who used to dance ?
Joanna and David Gaunt
12th December 2009 17:30
Looking forward to the gig it will a great night.
roger Narraway
8th December 2009 14:04
message for keith farr. many thanks for very kind comments. it was great to be reminded of the hitchen/letchworth days and those friends so long neglected. keith , if you would sign up to our website and you agree to it i could access your email and get in touch. keep the wally faith!! sincerely roger.
dave balint
2nd December 2009 16:39
new song is great a much "harder" edge to it than anything else...hopefully it's a song of things to come. I have a contact here in the states if you guys might like to come over here, He's a booking agent... Worked with a few brits.... anyways great to hear you are back again... I just have one obvious question What the f*%& took you guys so long????
Martyn Hill
1st December 2009 14:22
Saw the band supporting Leo Sayer in the '70's 2 Brighton Dome....well, Leo was a local boy! Bought the album the next day, and have replaced it twice since (LP's don't last forever, unfortunately. Now I have the CD, the new DVD, and the memories just come flooding back! Simply awesome! Thanks for doing this, it's made my year! I live in the USA now, and will not be able to come over for the gig....so good luck with it.
Suzanne MacLeod
27th November 2009 17:12
I'm gonna say 'Hi, and keep the music coming' from Jem Edwards too. We adored you guys in the 70s ever since the Melody Maker contest, and we've played your tunes ever since. Suzzy :-)
Keith Farr
27th November 2009 14:45
Phil Talbot of Tucky Buzzard of course... I'm getting on a bit now. Memory not quite what it was!!
Keith Farr
27th November 2009 14:33
Brilliant. At last. I've been hunting high & low for ages to get you guys on CD (the Vinyl won't fit the cd player in my car) but until now no luck. Just ordered the new album. This has made my week. Of all my vinyl albums I've wanted to or got the cd version the 2 Wally albums were a huge miss. This has made my week. A couple of years back I even replaced my record deck with a new to ensure I could still play these. I saw you back in 1975 or there abouts at Hitchin college a couple of times. You supported Judas Priest the 1st time only because, apparently, the charged £50 more. I did meet Roger once around that time. I was the roadie for a local Letchworth band Change & Roger knew a couple of them. It was at Viddy Smith (the sound guy with the bands cottage in Arlesey). Lee Birmingham was the bass player. Ken Pettett lead guitar. Martin Wood rythym guitar. Mike Hasledene vocals & Tadek (can't spell his surname as it is Polish) on drums. I've got a feeling Phil Thompson from Tucky Buzzard was there as well with his wife Linda. Roger was always know as Roger Knackerbrain then... sorry Roger. I've done a small bit of drumming in the past (nothing to mention) but for me the 3 best drummers ever are Bill Bruford, a gut called Jode Leigh who was in a prog rock band called England in the mid 70's & Roger. Rick Wakeman thought he was a bit special as well I recall. Keith
Trevor Baxter
26th November 2009 23:53
Great to see the band together again - saw them a few times in the 70's and am still the proud owner of both LP's. Missed the reunion gig this year - had to go to a golden wedding! Already got my tickets for next year. The DVD is excellent - well done guys.
Mike Brockhurst
23rd November 2009 16:42
Having just listened to the great track 'The thrill is gone' I would like to say well done. Being an avid Paul Middleton fan I am pleased his 'other' band is putting together such good music.
Ron Greenslade
13th November 2009 13:13
Hi I first heard Wally in 1974 and got the Album Wally. I lost the album by lending it to a friend while I tried for years to get a new copy on album, Tape and CD, but I have just got the CD of Wally. Thanks you so much, the songs will remain in my mind for years. I really love this album, I'm so happy I got it back in my hands after all the years looking for it. Now I can say goodbye to Pink Floyd and hello Wally.
Chris Wintle
13th November 2009 00:04
Fantastic to hear the cd and great news that the dvd is finally out. I played in a band the same day Wally played the Astoria Ballroom in the infamous Melody Maker contest heats in Leeds - I was spellbound by them and followed them to the final at the Roundhouse in London so its fantastic news they are back together Good luck to you all!
David W Nightingale
10th November 2009 20:31
Roy what a great track! It is much better than some of the 'Bands' we hear know.
Peter Andrews
6th November 2009 15:44
It's great to have you back lads.
Jeani Goddard Webber
5th November 2009 05:04
Great to see this site up and running! Thank you for making it happen. I love Wally and tell everyone who appreciates good music about them! Huggs to all.
Christopher Brown
3rd November 2009 21:29
I have always liked the music of Wally and would like to be kept up-to-date with all news. Thank you
Dave Ackroyd
19th October 2009 22:40
Great to see you guys back! It's been too long.
Steve Ellis
14th October 2009 23:19
Great to se the band back together, April gig was fantastic, can't wait for the DVD & new CD.